Outsourcing & Offshoring

Zolvent extends advisory as well as implementation consulting to it's clients for them to design & adopt the sourcing and shoring strategy ,'right' for them

Sourcing & Shoring choices are among the most crucial, a growing firm is faced with when, they :

  • Rely on niche Expertise: Firms increasingly look for niche skill players to serve their immediate, or some times even medium term needs
  • Focus internal talent on strategic areas: With business growth, firms like to keep their core talent focused on strategic business areas while support areas are increasingly augmented with outsourced partners, usually offering a significantly lighter cost/management overhead
  • Want to regain the cost advantage : As the world becomes a global market place, so has it becomes the global workplace as well which firms exploit to give the best advantage to it’s customers at the least cost available
  • Focus on business continuity : by developing a hub strategy to mitigate against irritants political, natural etc.

We, with our deep expertise in designing & implementing sourcing & shoring models in large corporate, enable our clients by performing a thorough diagnostics to provide advisory on the sourcing and shoring strategy which enables them to fulfill their tactical & strategic goals.


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